Build it!!!

Welcome to the RetG Building Contest!

Event 1 (202404)

Minecraft - Wild West New Horizons Server

1st Place

25,000 Land Deeds
Town 100 bonus plots
Armourer's Workshop "Stuff"
Long Lee .30-06
512x .30-06 ammo
10 Wild West Tokens
$500 in-game money
Mastodon Coupe (Ford)
Mastodon Sedan (Ford)
Mastodon Pickup (Ford)

2nd Place

15,000 Land Deeds
Town 75 bonus plots
Tinkers' Smeltery "Stuff"
6 Wild West Tokens
$200 in-game money
Mastodon Coupe (Ford)
Mastodon Sedan (Ford)

3rd Place

10,000 Land Deeds
Town 50 bonus plots
AstikorCarts "Stuff"
Sapling Varity
Spawn Eggs
3 Wild West Tokens
$100 in-game money
Ford Model T Two Door

about the contest

You Are The Solution

This is a building contest. Prizes will be awared to the top three builders (voted by staff). While this is a Wild West server, you do not need to stay in theme for this contest.


  • Griefing property that is not yours will result in disqualification and tempban.
  • Use F9 to see chunks. Mark your corners with cobblestone.
  • You supply your own materials.
  • If you are griefed, contact a staff member on Discord.
  • Post picture updates in Discord
  • When you are done, place your final picture in Discord - BE SURE TO MARK IT FINAL!
  • Notify a staff member when you have posted your final image.
  • Pay attention to the Y level. Ground is at level 4.
  • One prize per player.
  • Staff members are excluded from this contest.


Your builds become property of RetG and may be used in future town development or servers.

Why is this Y level 4? It is a multi-verse FLAT world.

How to get to the build event is advertised in-game via messaging.